Facelift in Westchester County, New York – Costs, Before and After Photographs

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Researching Leading Westchester County Face Lift Surgeons

Many individuals experience premature facial aging due to genetic factors, exposure to harsh weather or chronic health conditions. These patients often opt for facelift surgery in Westchester County, New York, in order to refresh their facial appearance and enhance their self-confidence. Before committing to undergo facelift surgery with a particular Westchester face lift specialist, it is important that the prospective patient carefully research the surgeon's education, reputation, professional record and previous patients' before and after facelift photos.

Presurgery Facelift Consultation in Westchester

Westchester County surgeons typically conduct several consultations with each patient prior to his or her facelift surgery. During the personal appointments, the surgeon evaluates the patient's skin condition, bone structure, overall health and aesthetic desires. The surgeon then uses this information to create a customized facelift treatment plan. In some cases, the surgeon recommends that the Westchester County patient combine facelift with another facial procedure in order to enhance the rejuvenating effect. Some of the procedures that can be performed in conjunction with facelift include forehead lift, cheek implants and facial injectables, such as Sculptra and Botox injections. Another facial procedure that can complement the results of a facelift is rhinoplasty (nose surgery). Many Westchester County face lift surgeons are renowned as talented Westchester rhinoplasty specialists who can skillfully perform both procedures.

During the presurgical consultation, the prospective Westchester face lift patient should ask as many questions as possible. Some of the most important subjects to broach include the face lift recovery time, the likely facelift results, the cost of facelift surgery and the risk of complications. In addition, the patient should ask for before and after facelift pictures of individuals who have undergone facelift surgery with that particular surgeon. At the end of the surgery preparation process, the patient should feel well-informed and confident about his or her surgeon and procedure choices.

A Journey into Westchester's Past After Your Facelift Surgery

Although the cost of facelift in Westchester County may not be the lowest in the nation, many patients travel to the region due to excellent reputation of the area's plastic surgeons. Westchester facial surgery specialists typically recommend that their out-of-town patients remain in Westchester for several days after their surgical treatments in order to receive proper postsurgical monitoring and care. During this time, many patients decide to explore the shopping and dining opportunities, natural beauty, cultural arts offerings and rich historical sites of Westchester County. Some of the most visited historical attractions include Philipsburg Manor and Glenview Mansion. Philipsburg Manor features an 18th century milling and farming complex with costumed tour guides helping visitors understand the ins and outs of life in 18th-century Westchester. Glenview Mansion is an impressive castle that was completed in 1877 and features luscious gardens and lawns and exquisite interior furnishings.


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