Southern Maryland Facelift Before and After Photos – Cost of Facelift in Southern Maryland

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About Facelift (Rhytidectomy) in Southern Maryland

Wrinkles, lines, saggy skin and jowls are a part of the aging process for most people. If you are bothered by creases around your eyes or mouth or crepe-y looking skin around your neck, facelift surgery can help. A Southern Maryland facelift surgeon can make you look well-rested, alert and years younger. If you’re seeking photographic proof, schedule a consultation at a local plastic surgeon’s office and ask to see some facelift before and after photos. During the consultation, ask about the different variations of facelift surgery, the preparation, recovery, facelift cost and anything else that you want to be informed about.

Facelift Benefits

A facelift is a very common facial rejuvenation procedure to enhance the appearance of the face as a person ages. It is typically customized to meet the needs of each patient; elements like incision placement, degree of invasiveness and treatment area vary based on the patient and his or her goals. A Southern Maryland facelift surgeon can accomplish several goals, including pulling the skin around the eyes, nose and mouth to smooth lines and creases, remove or reposition skin that may have started to sag or droop around the chin and neck and even liposuction extra fat from the area. A skilled surgeon will adeptly tighten the underlying facial muscles which has a significant effect on the appearance.

Facelift Risks

Any surgery comes with its own set of risks. Facelift risks include infection, anesthesia complications, bleeding, hematoma, skin necrosis, paralysis caused by nerve injury and asymmetry. If you’re concerned about the risks, speak with a Southern Maryland facelift provider; he or she can also discuss preparing for the surgery, types of facelift procedure, facelift recovery instructions and answers to all of your questions. If you think the particular surgeon may be able to meet your individual needs, ask to see samples of before and after facelift photos. And be sure to raise the issue of facelift cost during the consultation, too.

Facelift surgeons typically offer other facial enhancement procedures at their practices, including birthmark removal, lip reduction and rhinoplasty in Southern Maryland. Facial cosmetic surgery can make you look younger, define your facial features or augment a certain feature to your liking.


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