San Fernando Valley Face Lift Surgeon – Cost Info, Before and After Photos

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Facelift Surgery in San Fernando Valley

Although facial injectables, dermal fillers and similar non-surgical procedures such as Botox injections can temporarily camouflage wrinkles and other signs of aging, facelift surgery is still at the forefront of procedures for permanently restoring facial youthfulness. San Fernando Valley facial plastic surgeons are recognized as some of Southern California's leading face lift surgery providers and consistently deliver stunning aesthetic results, making their patients appear up to 10 years younger. Facelift surgeons in San Fernando Valley specialize in a range of facelift types and techniques that promote safety, smooth recovery and patient satisfaction. Please be sure to contact an experienced facial plastic surgeon in San Fernando Valley to find out if you are a good candidate for a facelift procedure, view before and after facelift photos and ask, "How much does facelift cost?"

A Note About Stem Cell Facelift in San Fernando Valley: The New Facial Beauty Buzz

One of the latest in facial plastic surgery procedures now being offered by many surgeons in San Fernando Valley is the stem cell facelift. Stem cell facelift involves harvesting fat stem cells from another area of the patient's body and injecting them into the face. Stem cell facelift has proven to be one of the most effective treatments to restore facial volume. Patients who wish to fill in hollow cheeks and other areas of the face are generally good candidates for the stem cell facelift. However, it is important to note that not all facial plastic surgeons have the necessary training to perform stem cell facelift, so be sure to ask to view your surgeon's before and after facelift photos of previous stem cell facelift San Fernando Valley patients and discuss the cost, safety and recovery time associated with this procedure.

Additional Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures in San Fernando Valley

Besides facelift surgery, San Fernando Valley facial plastic surgeons offer an array of cosmetic treatments that range from surgical to non-surgical and laser-guided facial rejuvenation procedures. In fact, many are renowned San Fernando Valley rhinoplasty and eyelid lift surgeons who have helped numerous patients achieve a naturally beautiful and younger-looking facial appearance. In addition, top San Fernando Valley facelift surgeons also offer a number of non-surgical skin care treatments, including microdermabrasion, laser skin resurfacing, laser hair removal, chemical peels and more. Please contact a qualified San Fernando Valley facelift surgeon to obtain more information on facial cosmetic enhancements and your treatment options.

Traveling to San Fernando Valley for Facial Plastic Surgery

San Fernando Valley is a large region of Southern California that is home to several prominent cities, including Burbank, Glendale, San Fernando, Hidden Hills, Calabasas, and about one-half of Los Angeles. "The Valley," as it is referred to by locals, is surrounded by several mountains ranges, including the Santa Monica Mountains, home to the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, a popular destinations among nature lovers. With so many cities within its territory, San Fernando Valley has much to offer, and it is no surprise that the region attracts millions of visitors annually. With popular movie studio tours, renowned art and natural science museums, historical sites and numerous world-class shopping, dining and entertainment venues, San Fernando Valley offers an unforgettable experience to any traveler.


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