New York City Facelift Before and After Photos – Cost of Face Lift in NYC

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Facelift in New York City

New York City facelift surgeons have helped numerous individuals address their concerns regarding sagging facial skin, deep facial folds and jowls. While the majority of facelift New York City patients are individuals in their 40s and 50s, facelift surgery can also be performed on younger patients with extensive aesthetic damage due to harsh weather exposure or genetically induced premature aging. The beneficial results of facelift surgery are evident in before and after facelift photos, which are readily available from any facelift surgeon. If you are considering facelift surgery, view as many photos as you can. Then research the cost of facelift and decide whether the potential benefits are worth the expense based on your personal budget and priorities.

Facelift Variations and Combinations in NYC

As highly experienced New York City facial plastic surgery specialists, NYC surgeons offer several variations of face lift surgery. While mature patients with extensive signs of aging might require a full deep plane facelift, younger patients with less extensive skin sagging might achieve remarkable results through the mini facelift, thread lift or the mid-facelift.

Depending on the aesthetic desires, skin condition, age and overall health of the patient, facelift surgery can sometimes be combined with other facial treatments for the best possible results. Many facelift surgeons are also talented rhinoplasty New York providers who can alter certain parts of the nose (e.g., bridge, tip, nostrils, deviated septum). A particularly effective combination is facelift and eyelid surgery, as these treatments improve the appearance of both the lower and upper face. While this combination treatment might require a somewhat longer facelift recovery time, many patients consider the beautiful results well worth it. In addition to being facelift experts, many NYC plastic surgeons are also exceptionally gifted eyelid surgery New York City specialists who can perform both procedures. They also provide various facial injectables that can extend the effect of facelift and eyelid surgery procedures, such as Botox, Perlane, Radiesse and Sculptra.

Facial Surgery and a Vacation in New York City

After comparing the cost of face lift and looking at facelift before and after pictures, out-of-town patients frequently travel to New York City to undergo surgery with one of the Big Apple's many highly renowned plastic surgeons. Many of the traveling NYC facelift patients plan their itinerary to include both their surgical treatments and an exciting vacation in New York City. As one of the more popular tourist destinations in the United States, New York City offers a plethora of entertainment options for people of all ages, interests and backgrounds. After a visit to Times Square, Central Park, Wall Street and Broadway, many visitors head to one of the world's most famous bridges – Brooklyn Bridge – for a leisurely walk across the steel structure while taking in the magnificent view of the New York City skyline. Once across the bridge, the pedestrians can enjoy a moment of relaxation at Brooklyn Bridge Park, which is also a perfect spot for a photo with NYC in the background.


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