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About Facelift Surgery in Montreal

Individuals looking for Montreal facelift surgeons know that as time passes, constant sun exposure, pollution, gravity and other factors wear on the face, creating noticeable signs of aging. Facial skin starts to slump as it loses elasticity and volume. Fat gets displaced, and muscle tone is lost. Wrinkles and deep creases become visible. Jowls may appear. In underlying tissue layers, cells stop producing collagen, a protein that is vital to healthy, glowing skin.

Although signs of facial aging can be frustrating — especially when they occur prematurely — a highly experienced plastic surgeon can help. With facelift surgery, a reputable cosmetic surgeon in Montreal can tighten, smooth and plump facial features, restoring a well-rested, younger-looking appearance to the face.

What to Expect During Facelift Surgery

Depending on the desired outcome of facelift surgery, the skilled Montreal plastic surgeon can perform traditional facelift, limited-incision or "mini" facelift, or neck lift surgery.

With traditional facelift, the cosmetic surgeon makes an incision that starts near the temple, wraps around the ear and concludes in the lower area of the scalp. The well-trained plastic surgeon may next redistribute or sculpt excess fat that is found in the face, neck or chin area. He or she then repositions the tissue beneath as needed before lifting deeper layers of facial and muscle tissue. Next, the talented plastic surgery Montreal provider re-drapes skin over the raised contours and trims away extra skin. He or she lastly closes the incisions with sutures or surgical skin adhesives. The precision-oriented surgeon may also use metal clips or staples to close incisions toward the back of the head for added support.

Facelift patients who need less surgical contouring may be suitable candidates for mini facelift. With mini facelift, the cosmetic surgeon is able to utilize shorter incisions that begin at the temple, wrap around the ear and conclude near the opposite lower eyelid, or perhaps beneath the upper lip.

To treat sagging skin and fat in the chin or neck area only, a highly adept Montreal plastic surgeon may recommend neck lift surgery. With neck lift, the surgeon makes an incision that starts near the front of the ear lobe, continues around the back of the ear and ends in the lower area of the scalp.

The meticulous Montreal facelift surgeon places incisions within the hairline or natural folds of the face and ear, so that the patient can conceal incision scars once they are fully healed.

Selecting a Qualified Facelift Surgeon in Montreal

Those interested in facelift surgery should only consult board-certified plastic surgeons. To receive board certification, plastic surgeons in Montreal must meet specific guidelines regarding education, experience and ethics. Therefore, by considering only board-certified plastic surgeons, Montreal plastic surgery patients can be assured that the cosmetic surgeon they ultimately choose is highly trained in and qualified to perform facelift surgery.

Once prospective facelift patients have narrowed down their list of prospective plastic surgeons, they should schedule a consultation with one or more of the surgeons on their list. During consultation, patients should inquire about:

  • The plastic surgeon's education, plastic surgery training and clinical experience
  • The cosmetic surgeon's patient satisfaction rate (Prospective patients should ask to see before and after facelift photos.)
  • Facelift preparation
  • Facelift recovery
  • The benefits of and drawbacks to facelift
  • The cost of the procedure
  • If the patient is a suitable candidate for the procedure
  • If the patient could benefit from a complementary procedure, such as Montreal nose surgery


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If you are a surgeon who is interested in how to be listed on our website, please call (615) 733-8111 or
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