Houston Before and After Facelift Photos – Cost of Face Lift in Houston, TX

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Facial Plastic Surgery in Houston, Texas

Houston is proud to be home to some of the foremost facial rejuvenation specialists in the state of Texas, the nation and the world. The exceptional surgical skill and advanced aesthetic judgment of Houston face lift surgeons, which are clearly evident in before and after facelift patient photos, draw numerous patients from across the globe. These surgeons are dedicated to delivering the best possible facial rejuvenation results for all of their facelift Houston patients. This is why they carefully customize each treatment according to the aesthetic goals, skin condition and facial bone structure of each individual.

A major factor in determining which type of face lift surgery is the best for a particular patient is his or her age. While younger Houston face lift patients might achieve marvelous results through mini facelift or thread lift, mature individuals often require a full deep plane facelift. In addition, Houston surgeons often recommend that mature patients combine facelift procedures that address the lower face with facial procedures for the upper face, such as forehead lift and/or eyelid lift. Many Houston facelift surgeons are also excellent Houston eyelid lift specialists who can perform both treatments during a single facial surgery procedure. Combining treatments does not typically reduce the facelift cost; however, it results in lower anesthesia and facility fees than are incurred when each procedure is performed separately.

About Houston Facelift Surgery Specialists

The best Houston facelift surgery specialists have helped hundreds of men and women enhance their facial appearance and improve their overall psychological well-being. They take their time to thoroughly answer any questions their patients might have about all aspects facelift surgery, such as face lift surgery preparation, possible complications, facelift cost, and face lift surgery recovery. In addition, these doctors provide prospective patients with numerous facelift before and after pictures of their actual patients. By reviewing these photos, potential Houston facial rejuvenation patients can develop a good idea of what their results might look like. In addition, before and after face lift photos help patients appreciate the effectiveness of combination treatments, such as facelift combined with neck lift, or face lift combined with brow lift. Facelift surgery can also be combined with nonsurgical facial procedures, such as chemical peels, laser skin resurfacing and Sculptra injections.

Information for Visiting Houston Facelift Patients

After completing their facial rejuvenation treatments, many visiting patients remain in Houston for several days or weeks to experience an exciting Texas vacation. Located by the Galveston Bay, Houston experiences a humid subtropical climate with mild winters and hot, humid summers. Houston is the fourth largest city in the United States, featuring everything from impressive corporate towers and industrial establishments to world-class hotels, the finest restaurants, a lively performing arts scene and numerous outdoor activities for the whole family. Some of the top Houston tourist destinations include the 1940 Air Terminal Museum and the Battleship Texas museum. The 1940 Air Terminal Museum is a tribute to the golden age of flying, when the travelers dressed up for the occasion, the airlines provided exceptional service and flying was a pleasure only the well-to-do could afford. The Battleship Texas is another tribute to days gone by. When it was commissioned in 1914, the USS Texas was the most powerful weapon in the world, complete with speedy engines and impressive weaponry. After participating in both World War I and World War II, Texas became the first battleship in the United States to be transformed into a naval museum.


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If you are a surgeon who is interested in how to be listed on our website, please call (615) 733-8111 or
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