Cost of Facelift in Boston – Before and After Face Lift Photos in Boston, MA

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Facelift Surgery in Boston: Am I a Candidate?

As the years go by and gravity takes its toll on the delicate facial skin, many people begin to wonder whether cosmetic surgery procedures might help them reduce the signs of aging. While some desire to achieve only a minor "touch-up" by receiving facial injectables, such as Botox, Radiesse and Dysport, others wish for a more pronounced appearance change delivered by eyelid surgery, neck lift or face lift surgery. Boston plastic surgeons specialize in various forms of face lift surgery, including the mini facelift, the thread lift and the deep plane facelift. In order to deliver the best possible aesthetic results for each face lift Boston patient, they perform thorough patient evaluations before recommending any treatment.

During the initial consultation, the Boston plastic surgeons assesses the skin elasticity, the amount of excess skin and fatty tissue, the underlying facial bone structure and the patient's overall health. Boston facelift surgeons use this information to recommend the most appropriate procedures for each patient. They also explain the face lift cost, the likely results of surgery and any possible risks of facelift. In addition, they show the potential patients face lift before and after photos of individuals of similar age and skin type. The goal of the thorough presurgery consultation process is to ensure that the patient is educated about the benefits and risks of facelift surgery and that this treatment is performed only for individuals who are good candidates based on their health, skin characteristics and expectations.

Alternatives to Face Lift in Boston

If your Boston facelift surgeon determines that you are not a candidate for facelift, he or she will recommend other procedures that can help you achieve the results you desire. For instance, younger individuals with only minor skin sagging in the upper face area might be ideal forehead lift and/or eyelid surgery Boston candidates. These procedures address only the upper part of the face and are very effective at reducing forehead lines, unsightly folds between the eyebrows and droopy eyelids. The effect of these procedures can be maintained and extended by receiving regular facial injectable treatments, such as Botox, Radiesse or Dysport. These injectables can also extend the results of a mini or full facelift, which is why patients should ask their Boston face lift surgeons about Botox, Radiesse and Dysport cost, benefits and risks.

Enjoying Fine Living in Boston After Face Lift Surgery

Boston is a large New England city with many plastic surgeons who offer the full spectrum of facelift procedures. After reviewing facelift before and after photos and researching the cost of face lift in Boston, many patients travel to "Beantown" for surgery. While recovering after facelift surgery, many individuals decide to enjoy the best of fine living Boston has to offer. In addition to featuring magnificent hotels and fabulous dining opportunities, Boston also boasts numerous parks and perfectly manicured gardens for leisurely afternoon strolls and quiet moments of solitude. In fact, Boston is home to the nation's oldest public botanical garden. Opened in 1837, the Boston Public Garden features a colorful variety of seasonal flowers and foliage as well as a range of evergreen trees and shrubs for quaint winter landscapes. The garden celebrates the arrival of spring with the annual Swan Boats event – a spring festival during which visitors are invited ride a swan-shaped gondola on the Boston Public Garden waterways. Boston also offers more daring water adventures for individuals preferring an active form of recreation, such as the Courageous Sailing boating and sailing classes in Boston Harbor.


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